Anyone know good nature podcasts?

That sounds quite interesting!
Have you got a link?

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I recently stumbled across Mammal Watching. It always inspires me to want to look for more wildlife and travel more, similarly to Naturally Adventurous (which has already been mentioned).

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Heres his youtube and he has links in there for his podcast. I listen on the apple app.

Hi :)
I just started my own podcast focused on Insect Stories, and I think it fits here pretty well!

I try to present cool naturalist/ecological facts about insect/spiders in a chill meditative way, in less than 3min per episodes.

it’s available basically everywhere podcasts are but here’s the spotify link:


The Wild Around Us - short nature tidbits.

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What the Duck - Australian based, quirky nature stories.


I like this one, but I’m sad the ABC decided to kill off the Off Track podcast to make space for it.

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Holis! I publish a monthly podcast in English and Spanish, Wild With Nature. Each episode is place-based (though sometimes multi-place-based, like the recent ones that follow bird migrations from Oaxaca to North Carolina and Montana) and fully bilingual, i.e. I publish each episode in English and también en español. Some of these stories are purely portraits of places, from the glacier-carved mountains of British Columbia to the nocturnal life along a river in Nebraska and birds within the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, plus many local stories from my home state of Montana, USA. Others also incorporate collaborations with biologists, artists, and nonprofits to showcase different perspectives and connections with nature. In the last year I’ve been putting more and more emphasis on incorporating birdsong recordings and other natural sounds to make these stories even more immersive.


I highly recommend Native Plants, Healthy Planet it’s an awesome podcast!!

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I recently started listening to Weekend Birder, a podcast about Australian birds. It’s great!

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I know Dino
Terrible Lizards
Weird & Dead
Creature Feature

Fish of the Week!