CSS for Website addition listing "something" as observation name


I added the CSS to my website and, as you can see in the screencap above, when it populates it lists “something” as the name of the first observation, instead of the name of what was observed. This happens in both the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

You can see it on my page at: https://wildmaven.org/wildlife-sightings.html

It’s also missing the most recent 6 sightings which were added yesterday.

I use Weebly as my website construction platform and it is hosted on BlueHost.

I wonder if either Weebly or Bluehost, are slow to update.
Or need to be prompted to Update Please.

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I think there are a few different things going on here.

I’m pretty sure the first observation is labeled “something” because the widget uses a field called species_guess to populate the name, and as has been discussed a number of times before, the species_guess is often not what one expects. In this case, the species_guess is blank, so iNat uses “something”.


Of the 6 observations added yesterday, 5 of them have older observed_on dates – you added the observations yesterday, but you observed the organisms in 2019. Your widget is sorted by observed_on dates, so those wouldn’t appear at the top of your list.

The sixth missing observation is different – it was observed and submitted July 11, 2022, so should be at the top of the list. I have a suspicion that there is a geoprivacy-related bug here. I think the widget runs on the same code as inaturalist.org/observations/username, which was reconfigured somewhat recently to only include observations with open geoprivacy. If you look at your page (while not logged in as you), that observation is missing from the list despite being on the map.

There are a few other observations that also show up on the map, but not in the list. When I checked, they all have “open” taxon_geoprivacy, whereas the ones that are showing up correctly have “null” taxon_geoprivacy.


Thank you for your in-depth reply! I should’ve realized about the dates, that’s a facepalm to me for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for the “null” that’s very odd. Are they all “needs ID” perhaps? That would make sense that they wouldn’t show up on the list if they didn’t have a consensus ID. I just checked, and the most recent (the 6th on the list) has its setting as “Open” for geoprivacy.

The “something” is a problem I’m going to have to live with, I guess, but it does make it look like I’m being flippant to the viewer. :smiley: I may have to put a disclaimer on my website that it’s a glitch on iNaturalist’s part if it appears.

If the issue with the widget has the same cause as /observations/username, then I don’t think it’s from Needs ID. In this screenshot there are five observations that are on the map, but not in the list and three of them are Research Grade.

But I did look at more of them, and the missing ones don’t all have open geoprivacy, so I think you’re right to keep looking for an explanation…


Seems like it’s fixed. I just visited wildmaven’s page, and the species name is “American Sunflower Moth”.

Yes and no – it’s only fixed because the species_guess is no longer blank for this particular observation:


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I’m now seeing “Something” for the new top observation:

That observation’s also got "species_guess": "".

@wildmaven how are you adding IDs to your observations?

FWIW the widget is kind of presented “as is” and we’re not actively supporting it anymore, so if there are errors with it those probably won’t be fixed by us. But the species_guess issues is weird.

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