Grammar errors in Spanish for favorites

I have found some cases of grammatical errors that have to be solved. What do other Spanish speakers think?

In this case It should say “ha preferido una observación tuya”

In this other case It should say “dijo que le agrada esta observación”

That still sounds weird to me, “ha marcado tu observación como preferida”?

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Even better.

Translations are all handled on Crowdin, so if you have better suggestions, please add additional translations there:

The obs detail translation may need to be re-engineered, so if you can provide some suggestions on how these three forms would be translated, I’d appreciate it:

  1. “Maria, Xochitl, and Xiomara faved this observation”
  2. “Maria and Xochitl faved this observation”
  3. “Maria faved this observation”

If the translation of “faved this observation” is different for any of these, I’ll need to redo this translation.

Also, keep in mind that

  1. We support translation into Mexican Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, and Spanish Spanish, so make sure your translations are appropriate to the region (we can support more regions on request)
  2. We don’t know the gender of the person who made the favorite or the gender of the viewer

Why not “ha marcado esta observación como favorita”? It do not make sense to call it “preferida” when the observation is marked as “favorita” and it will appear in the “Favoritos” section. Also is the most literal translation from english.

I would translate them as:

  • “Maria, Xochitl, y Xiomara añadieron esta observación a sus favoritos”
  • “Maria y Xochitl añadieron esta observación a sus favoritos”
  • “Maria añadió esta observación a sus favoritos”
  • “Maria, Xochitl, y Xiomara han añadido esta observación a sus favoritos”
  • “Maria y Xochitl han añadido esta observación a sus favoritos”
  • “Maria ha añadido esta observación a sus favoritos”
    The difference is the verbe tense, the first one would imply that it happend a longer amount of time ago, so not sure.
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Because I assumed they were using the word because it’s what it’s used on the site (I use it in English). I’d much prefer favorita too :)

I am now seeing that in almost all of the other translations is used the verb “añadir” instead of “marcar”. In this particular case they are almost synonyms; the frase would be in this case “ha añadido esta observación a sus favoritos”. What do you think? To make the less changes possible I would go with this last one, but I do not know if it sounds good for you. I am from Spain, so maybe in another dialect this seams a bit off.

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Sounds good to me

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Ok, here are some strings that are hopefully easier to translate properly: