I used iOS's Learn Words feature on inaturalist and crashed as soon as it was turned on

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS

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3.2.11 ,now was 3.2.9(687)
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Step 1:
Edit any observation,Enter any words,select all
Step 2:
Click on the learning button
Step 3:
Flashback crash

iOS version

说明一下:我的手机是iPhone13pro ,并且之前在ios16正式版系统时也会发生上述问题。
Explanation: My phone is an iPhone 13pro, and the above issue also occurred during the official version of the iOS 16 system.

I suspect your Learn Words app cannot cope with Botanese.

Scientific names are a mix of Latin and Greek, plus the names of scientists and local names across the world’s languages. A translation app is in despair. What language is this? Science.

You can use Google to look up aculeatus = prickly
Celastrus - eventually - From Ancient Greek κήλαστρος (kḗlastros, “holly”)

Ask Google for meaning / derivation / etymology. Till you get your answer.