Most of the images that one would compare theirs to are not loading, no matter how long I wait, this has been the case for at least a week. Help!

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1.27.7 (549)

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Step 1: load image

Step 2: tap “what did you see?”

Step 3: most of the images don’t load there or if you try to “compare”

This has also been happening to me recently, both on Android app and on the chrome browser. It’s been frustrating.

if you’re seeing a problem with images on the website, and you have AT&T as your ISP, you may want to look at:


Yes you were correct, in my case it was the AT&T problem. I wish they would correct this because I use a shared wifi network and I don’t have access to the Smart Home Manager. At least I know what the problem is now.

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i think you should still call AT&T or have whoever manages your shared connection call AT&T. it’s really AT&T that needs to fix whatever the issue is on their end, i think.


This issue was resolved earlier this month. If similar issues happen again with some photos being inaccessible, please open a new report. Thanks!