Observation Fields Dropdown Doesn't Appear in Identify Modal

Platform: Website
Browser: Chrome

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

There is a lack of consistency in how the Observation Fields entry performs. In the main webpage (first screenshot above), when you place your cursor on the field, a list of recently-used options drops down, which is extremely convenient. But in the Annotations tab of Identification view (seconds screenshot), this doesn’t happen. Please make it do so – thanks!

Step 1: Open the identification mode individual-record view and go to the Annotations tab
Step 2: Place cursor on Observation Fields field - nothing drops down

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I changed the title to be more specific to the issue.

I can verify that the dropdown list doesn’t appear in Identify in either Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10.

Depending on whether this is supposed to occur or not, I guess this could also be considered a feature request.

This is a bug, we’re working on a fix. Sorry about that.

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Fixed now, thank you!!!

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Ah yes, sorry for not updating this thread. The fix was part of this release.