Old uploader is not working

The main uploader is unusable, because it does NOT remember locations, and I have to start from absolute scratch for every single observation I upload. Big time-waster. So I only used the old, deprecated one.
Attempts to reach lead to the “something’s-not-working” marine organism page.
Bring back the old, useful uploader. I beg you. Or else I might have to quit.
Interface; Safari 14.1.2 on OS 10.15.7.
Link that is broken/corrupted/unavailable: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/new
Result of following the link:

Issue started today.

Sorry, but what exactly do you mean by it not being able to remember locations? Your saved locations are not working? Did you try using another browser to see if it’s working ok there?

@ellen5 I changed the title of your bug report as it was inappropriate. Also, please reconsider what you wrote in your post - the forum is not a place for lodging complaints, it’s for having constructive discussions.

The bug with the deprecated uploader is known, but I can’t estimate when it will be fixed. Until then, the current uploader is working as far as I know. If you have an issue with that uploader (like a bug, for example), please file a specific bug report for that issue and provide specific details about it, including screenshots and steps for others to follow.


@ellen5 You might want to take a look at a journal posting I am working on (I need to fine tune and tweak this). I have been putting this together for a project I am in. It has some extra tips for using the (current) Uploader including pinning locations (so that it remembers). Journal entry:Using the Uploader for Traditional Projects requiring fields

If you don’t use fields just skip that part at the end.

I plan to add this to a tutorial here on the forum: Adding Observations to a Traditional Project - Wiki . I just have to figure out how to work it in and there is only so much time in the day.


As well as pinning locations (for future use) in the new uploader you can also add a location to multiple observations simultaneously. Use shift-click or ctrl-click to select them and enter the data by using the entry field in the upper left corner.


Glad to hear that the issue is recognized and look forward to its resolution.

What I do: walk with a camera. I don’t sit in one spot and record everything I see in that spot. Each observation is a new location.
New uploader: every upload requires starting with the entire world as default location, and zooming in and refinding where I was walking on the trail at the moment I took the photo. But the old deprecated uploader retained the location of the previous entry, so entry of the location is/was MUCH less arduous.
This is why I prefer the old uploader.

You can choose all observations at first (via mouse+Ctrl or a button) and choose start location, then go and change individual locations, or add a saved location for all as a start too.

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The bug has been fixed, sorry about that.

I’m not sure what you mean by “upload” - do you mean every time you start a new upload of a batch of observations? If you import a batch of photos and add a location to one of them, the next time you edit a location for any observation in the batch, the map should show the general area of the observation(s) that already have locations. Here’s a screen recording that I just made of this in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dioJRdtifCUZfR4F9

Are you only uploading one photo at a time in the new uploader? If so, that’s not how it’s meant to be used, it’s basically a batch editor and uploader so you can work on multiple observations at a time. See the tutorial video here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/video+tutorials#add_web


Somewhere is another thread. Asking for iNat to remember the previous location (just there for that plant) for the next obs. For those of us who hike, don’t have GPS, and need to tweak the location manually for each obs.
I have a list of pinned locations for my regular hikes, and start from one of those.


I think the feature stalled a bit because “last position” is hard to define. Is it the observation you most recently selected? The one you most recently chose a location for? Something else?

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Thanks for finding what I hunted for. As in the first screenshot there … this plant … that plant … ooh a spider … along the trail. Until I log out and start fresh next time.

Closing, as the bug has been fixed.