Wrong language of common names in email

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My language in profile settings set as Lithuanian (before today was English) but In emails I see common names mixed in various languages: russian, german and other… (see screenshots).

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Thanks, we’ll take a look.

The daily update email code is pretty old, so it’s likely there’s something that needs to be updated.

I think it has something to do with the language settings of the last person to “touch” the observation with an ID? Fabien Piednoir and I work on some milkweed bug IDs, and so I regularly get French in my email.

The root cause is the same as this one – it’s using the field called “species_guess” instead of the localized common name. And the question of how the species_guess is getting set is still unresolved to my knowledge.

Each day I get an email from Inat. The language in that email is German: “Neue Aktualisierungen in den letzten 24 Std. von iNaturalist”. The captions of the previews are sometimes in very different, sometimes unreadable languages. If I click on the preview I get the observation with the correct German name (if available).

@ppinat I moved your report to this existing topic. Sorry it’s still unresolved, hopefully it can be fixed.