Seek Error Message

How do I give Seek access to my photo library? Thank you

I think it should be one of the permissions that pops up when you first open the app.

The Educators area probably is not the right place for this question…

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It’s been a long time since downloading Seek, but it’s in iPhone settings. Scroll down to Seek in the app list. There’s a toggle for it. :crossed_fingers:t2:
Welcome Bunting! Seek is how I started with iNat. I still use it, and think it’s important to help educate the CV in it so the app really teaches children well.

As others have said, permisison like photo access (and location access, etc) are managed in the Settings app for your device (you didn’t specify whether you were using an Android or iOS device). Seek should ask for those permissions the first time it requires them - did that happen and did you say no?