Upload issues on Linux LibreWolf

Platform: website

Browser: LibreWolf on Linux Mint

URLs: Upload page

Description of problem:

Step 1: Go to upload page

Step 2: Add the photos

Step 3: Attempt to select more than one card with either Ctrl-click or Shift-click and it does not work. Can only select one card at a time. Can drag one card into another to combine but cannot click on multiple cards. Select All does select all cards but one cannot then deselect a card using Ctrl-click - all cards except the one Ctrl-clicked are deselected.

Step 4: The AI only suggests bats no matter what the pic is of (and so far has never been a pic of a bat ;-).

The uploader works perfectly as expected on Brave on Linux. Haven’t tried Firefox yet…

i’m not sure anyone should expect the site to work on every browser with every set of browser settings. if you use a browser that is not widely used or if you turn off a lot of features for privacy purposes, the tradeoff will be that things may end up not working.

if you want to see what’s not working, you can try look at the browser’s developer tools. if you can track down error messages in the console or specific API requests that failed in the network monitor, that might help to point out what exactly is not working in your setup.

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Thanks, pisum. Fair enough. It’s just odd since LibreWolf is based on Firefox, and it seems that people don’t have issues on Firefox.

I will get around to testing on FF and whatnot in the next week.