Why is the taxa Temnothorax tuscaloosae "inactive" on iNat?

I added an observation of Temnothorax tuscaloosae today, only to find that it doesn’t exist on iNat.


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There are a couple strange things going on with this one. It looks like somehow T. tuscaloosae was put under the old genus Temnothorax (69580) instead of the new Temnothorax (424607) when T. tuscaloosae was created in 2017.

I’m not totally sure how that would have happened – the name was pulled in with the automatic external name provider, so it shouldn’t have been put under an old inactive genus.

The other odd thing is that you shouldn’t be able to add IDs for inactive taxa. There’s already a bug report open for that, could you describe how you added this ID? (E.g. picked from computer vision suggestions, used the Identify page, etc.)

Our taxonomic source for ants is Antweb, and they have this taxon, it’s not an issue of a taxonomic disagreement. So I moved this under the new Temnothorax and made it active.

(Also, just for reference, taxonomic issues are usually best addressed with a flag on the taxon. In this case there is also possibly a bug, so I think a forum post is warranted.)

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Thanks! I’ve never been on the forum until now, lol.

Yeah, that is odd. Thanks for clearing that up, though. All I did was I used a placeholder for the observation, cause I didn’t see any valid taxa on the little drop-down menu.

Thanks again!


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