Bizarre species common name

Mallard duck showing common name of Gray Duck which is not listed under the species for any language

The spinal cord animals is kind of odd too

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Looking into it, this happened when viewing the site not logged in. I think it is another symptom of what I noted in another thread where the site and Google (presumably) are conspiring to not be able to determine if I want to see English or Danish. Grey duck would be a literal translation of the Danish name for Mallard into English.

I think I am being shown some kind of auto translation.


Do you have any active browser extensions? You could try launching Chrome in incognito mode - “New incognito window” from the options menu - and see if the problem persist in it. Incognito will deactivate extensions, ignore cookies, etc and will help rule out some interference.

Certainly nothing newly installed. This was the first time I’ve seen this behaviour

@cmcheatle OK to combine these two reports?