Retry Uploads on the Browser Uploader

For some reason the iNat uploader is extremely shy. If there’s even a slight hint of a less than perfect internet connection, it will immediately terminate the uploading and leave the page full of “could not be uploaded” observations. Often times it’s very much like swiss cheese. Half of the observations work, but the others don’t. Repeating the same failed upload generally fails again for 5, 10 or more tries before it finally sticks. It’s a horribly time consuming process having to scroll down, check every hole, and find that specific file to try and upload it again and again. Can we not have the uploader be a little more patient? Or a retry button, at least?

This applies to Windows Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as I’m seeing it.

How many observations/photos are you loading into the uploader?

It happens with any number. I have tested it with just 10 and the result is the same. I suspect my internet connection is being interrupted in very short milisecond increments. It might be to do with the wifi being shared among the house. Regardless, it’s very annoying as an issue, and as a core feature it seems like there should be an easy way to refresh an upload attempt.

For those unfamiliar, here is what this issue looks like. I started with a blank page and uploaded 10 photos as a test. Notice how I upload the same photo 3 times and 2/3 fail with no particular reason as to why. On average a failed upload takes me 14 retries before it succeeds, and of the time I spend uploading, 40-50% of that time is having to go through the upload page, find the failed uploads, and continually drag the file in until it works. It’s really annoying and highly time-consuming.


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I had the same issue recently

Also noting that iNat’s “decision” to mark an upload as failed is apparently nearly instant. It doesn’t even give it a full second to figure things out. That’s most of the problem.